Looking for frozen wheatgrass juice for your brain shots?


Picture a landscape of forested mountains winding valleys, an abundance of greenery and healing waters. Nestling in these mountains between the Mediterranean and the southern rim of the massif central is an organic wheatgrass farm lovingly tended by Agnes Bota since 2020. A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving back home on the Mediterranean motorway that spans the southern French coast, I took a detour into the beautiful Parc Naturel du Haut Languedoc to pay a visit to Agnès to see how she grows her wheatgrass and how she transforms it into pure concentrated juice. 

Agnes has twenty years’ experience in growing food and, motivated by the uncertain times we are living in, she was inspired to grow wheatgrass, a superfood prized by the Essenes as “the perfect food for man” (The Essene Gospel of Peace translated by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely), a source of multiple vitamins and nutrients, a pure package of concentrated energy. Interestingly, The Essene Gospel of Peace is a recommended read by Anthony William, Medical Medium. Wheatgrass juice features as a key ingredient in two of his Brain Shots* in the recently published Medical Medium books, Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Recipes and Cleanses. And for many of us, this is the missing ingredient! Until now. 

 *Negative energy exposure shot and Wisdom and Intuition Stabilizer

Agnès waters her voluptuous emerald crops (more recently she has added barley grass to her production), using the spring on her own land and her own compost produced onsite. You may have heard of the famous Avène spring, and its healing properties. Avène is in this area too. Agnes’ wheatgrass is grown in the sun and not inside a hangar where most other growers produce their wheatgrass, so Agnes’ production has the added gifts of the energy of the sun. Around the farm, no animals grazing, no intensive farmlands as far as the eye can see

This style of growing requires less water, and less hard labour than traditional crops. It still takes a lot of love and care every single day to seed, rotate, water, air and protect the divine grass. Once the crops get to the right maturity for harvest (approx. 3 weeks depending on the weather), they are cut and taken to her lab where Agnes transforms the grass into pure liquid gold which is immediately frozen in ice-cube trays.  These are then packaged in sachets containing 21 cubes of wheatgrass juice. This is living food in a 18 ml cube giving approximately 70g per dose (2 cubes).

And the best news is that Agnès ships her treasure to France, Belgium, and other European countries by express delivery. I was so excited about this that I wanted to tell you as soon as possible! We now have the missing piece for the Medical Medium Brain Shots! 

How to get your frozen wheatgrass juice

You can order directly from this shop: 


Or, if you prefer, you can contact Agnès at the following email address: agnes.bota@laposte.net

Delivery: ChronoFresh Frozen food transport service* 

(contact Agnes Bota to make sure delivery in your country is possible)

Climate controlled shipping: 40 €.

2 Packs of 42 wheatgrass cubes : 100 €.

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