(Updated on 12 March 2024)


On sante-sauvage.com, you can order and pay for your products by selecting one of the following payment options:

Secure payment by credit card via the payment service provider STRIPE. STRIPE offers you

- The standard bank card payment service with authentication codes from your bank

- The LINK by Stripe service – for fast payment (please read the Link account terms and conditions*)

We consider that our clients have read and accepted the terms and conditions of payment before placing an order. Please read the Link account terms and conditions here: *https://stripe.com/fr-lu/legal/link-account-terms

If you opt for fast Link by Stripe payment :

1.         Click on Link in the payment window

2.         You will receive a code to authenticate yourself for the first time

3.         Once you have successfully authenticated, Link automatically fills in your card details (or bank details) and your delivery details, allowing you to pay in one click.

4.         Once you have registered with Link, you can add payment methods, delete payment methods and change your delivery addresses. You can also delete your account. You're in control. Just log on to https://link.com/fr

The Paypal option with payment in one instalment, or payment in 4 instalments: To make a payment in 4 instalments without charge and managed wholly by Paypal, you need to open a Paypal account. To view the terms and conditions for this service



Payment by cheque only available for French customers with a bank account domiciled in France. In this case, select the "payment by cheque" option before confirming your order.  Write the total amount including postage to the order of GENIALMM SARL and send by post to:




With this option, processing times will be longer than usual. The cheque must be cashed and credited before the order is processed.

The option of making a bank transfer is available on request from our services by writing to info@sante-sauvage.com. If you take this option, processing times will be longer than usual.

We reserve the right to change the means of payment at any time and the buyer will have the opportunity to view the payment options and make an informed decision as the option will be clearly indicated.

If you have any questions about payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@sante-sauvage.com.

For any order that is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your payment is accepted. You must receive this email to confirm that your order has been accepted. If you do not receive confirmation by email after payment, please contact us at info@sante-sauvage.com as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your custom.