OptiMSM® - MSM capsules



MSM (MethylsulfonylMethane) in capsules


Dose: 1 capsule 

Capacity: 180 capsules

Ingredients: 100% OPTIMSM® grade MSM powder, pullulan (capsule)


OPTIMSM® by Dynveo is MSM (MethylsulfonylMethane) in the form of water-soluble capsules. 

Taking MSM increases the permeability of cells. As the cell membranes are more flexible, toxins are more easily released. This means that if you want to get rid of toxins, MSM will speed up and facilitate the process. 

Beyond the benefits for joint comfort and protection, several studies also show that MSM may have benefits for improving physical recovery and limiting the risk of injury and muscle soreness. 

MSM is an organic sulphur that occurs naturally in some plants and in breast milk, for example, but in low doses. 

In particular, it enables the synthesis of cysteine and methionine, two essential amino acids. It is present in high concentrations in the joints, skin collagen and blood vessels. 

OptiMSM® is based on an advanced molecular distillation process. This process results in a very high quality MSM. Moreover, this degree of purity makes it completely hypoallergenic. 

Certified non-GMO, gluten-free, additive-free, vegan, and currently the only one recognised as GRAS (Generally recognised as safe) by the FDA. 

Benefits of MSM

- Helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

- Restores nerves that have tightened due to inflammation to a healthy level of suppleness and flexibility. 

- Beneficial for injuries.

- Helps repair nerves damaged by the shingles virus. 

- May help some people stop hair loss.

- Releases and helps expel fat from liver cells. 

- Supports joints and arthritis in pets.

- Helps strengthen every cell inside the liver, making the organ less vulnerable to attack by disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

- It awakens a stagnant and sluggish liver, reduces toxic heat in the liver and gently purges the liver of toxins in the deep areas. 

- It also gently purges the gallbladder of small particles of debris


Ingredients: 100% OPTIMSM® grade MSM powder, pullulan (capsule)

Advice for use

How to use :

Take 2 to 4 capsules per day with a little water.  

Intake for one capsule: 750 mg of pure MSM (Measuring spoon is supplied with the product)

Vegan, not tested on animals, no animal gelatin.

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