Prairies of Life

COQ10 - Coenzyme Q10 - 200mg


Ubiquinone enriched with Vitamin C

Supports cellular energy

Cardiovascular and neurological health

GMO free, Gluten-free, lactose free, vegan

60 vegan capsules

200mg de COQ10 par gélule



Coenzyme Q10 is partially generated by the body, but this capability diminishes as one ages. It becomes crucial to ensure sufficient dietary intake, particularly starting from the age of 30.

Prairies of Life (by Santé Sauvage) Coenzyme Q10 is acquired through a natural biological fermentation process, ensuring the provision of only the biologically active trans form. Prairies of Life by Santé Sauvage offers high-quality pure substances without any concealed additives.

Our hypoallergenic preparations are designed to deliver micronutrients of the highest quality, promoting optimal absorption and ensuring maximum tolerance for individuals with sensitivities or allergies.


Key Uses:

- Supplementing the body's declining production of coenzyme Q10, especially as age advances.

- Meeting increased nutritional demands, such as during periods of heightened physical activity.

CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is a fat-soluble vitamin-like molecule that is naturally found in all cell membranes in our bodies. It is an integral part of our diet but is also synthesized endogenously.

Ubiquinone or Coenzyme Q (CoQ) is a lipophilic molecule that is ubiquitous in cell membranes and especially in mitochondria. Ubiquinol is the reduced form of ubiquinone. The form used for this product is Ubiquinone.

Several studies conclude that CoQ10 administered as ubiquinone has an excellent safety profile (Miles, 2007; Hidaka et al., 2008)

COQ10 is derived from fermentation with Rhodobacter sphaeroides bacteria, without GMO. Ubiquinone is the natural form of Q10 synthesized in the body. It is very stable. Rhodobacter sphaeroides is an aquatic bacterium that obtains its energy by anaerobic photosynthesis and can synthesize large quantities of coenzyme Q10.


COENZYME10 : As Ubiquinone 200mg 

VITAMIN C: (ascorbic acid): 250mg 

Other ingredients : Pullulan (capsules) from tapioca


Advice for use

Take 1 capsule a day with a meal 

Precautions for use

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Does not replace or substiture a balanced diet

Keep out of children's reach

Store is a cool, dry place

Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

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