Pure, clean, stable

Good taste

Stability tested

Vital immune support

Children's doses provided

100  ML

20% less expensive for unparalleled quality

With organic apple juice from the South of France

Strictly no other preservatives, alcohol-free

Photo shows bottle with the new brand name Santé Sauvage


Our zinc in liquid form provides 10mg of zinc (as zinc sulfate) per adult dose. We boast superior quality and purity of ingredients, composition and potency for our zinc. Our zinc undergoes stability-tests and each batch is third-party-tested. 

For adults and children, appropriate dosages are provided on the label for easy reference. You can find these dosages by clicking on the next tabs : Composition and Advice for Use

Our zinc is curated and manufactured in France. It has been validated and approved by the French food and Safety Agency for children's dosages which comply with the EFSA (European Food and Safety Agency) recommended dosages. 

Zinc is vital for all life. It plays a fundamental and structural role in growth and immune development. Low available zinc in soil is common, leading to a prevalence of zinc deficiency in some populations. 

Among its essential functions, zinc is vital for: 

- Immunity

- Eye health

- Protection of DNA from oxidative damage

- Maintaining nails, teeth, bone, hair and skin

- Thyroid function

- Cognitive function

- Fertility

- Heart and blood vessels 

- Maintaining intestinal cells 

- Protection of the health and integrity of respiratory cells 



High purity zinc in the form of zinc sulfate : 10mg per adult dose

For children's dosages, see below and in Advice for Use. 

Other ingredients: 

Organic flaxseed glycerin

Organic apple juice (sourced from an orchard in the south west of France)

Purified water

Daily dosages :


10mg (45 drops)


10- 16 yrs 7.5 mg (34 drops)

3-10 yrs: 3 mg (14 drops) 

Advice for use

Adults: Add 45 drops to a glass of water or fruit juice, or take it directly in your mouth

Children aged 10 to 16: Add 34 drops to a glass of water or fruit juice

Children aged 3 to 10: Add 14 drops to a glass of water or fruit juice

Precautions for use

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is a dietary supplement and is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. Keep out of children's reach. 

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