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Wild Blueberry powder - East Canada 300g / 500g


Vaccinium angustifolium wild lowbush variety 

7kg fresh fruit equivalent per kg of powder (7:1)

Removes toxic metals, DDT and radiation

Contains powerful antioxidants

Anti-aging brain food

From the Eastern Canadian seaboard

No fillers, no anti-caking agents, no sugars


Introducing our latest marvel from the Eastern Seaboard of Canada: 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Powder exclusively from the esteemed lowbush variety Vaccinium Angustifolium. Along the pristine coasts of Eastern Canada, these wild blueberries thrive, absorbing the essence of the pure lands they call home, in soil that has never been sprayed or treated with pesticides. 

Harvested with utmost care and reverence for the environment, our Organic Wild Blueberry Powder is a testament to the bounty of the region. Each delicate berry is picked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that only the finest specimens are selected for processing. With organic certification, you can trust that every scoop of our powder is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals, preserving the integrity of the land and the purity of the product.

The lowbush variety of Vaccinium Angustifolium lends our powder a distinctively rich flavour and vibrant colour, capturing the essence of wild blueberries in every spoonful. Whether enjoyed in smoothies, baked goods, or sprinkled atop your favorite dishes, our Wild Blueberry Powder promises a burst of flavour and a dose of natural goodness with each serving.

Indulge in the essence of Eastern Canada's pure lands with our Wild Blueberry Powder, and experience the untamed beauty of nature in every delightful taste.

A key ingredient in your heavy metal detox smoothie !


100% Pure Wild Blueberry Powder Organic certified (Vaccinium Angustifolium) 

Approximately 7 kilos of fresh fruit are needed  for 1 kilogram of dried powder

Certified organic

Provenance.: Eastern seaboard of Canada 

Advice for use

Add 2 tablespoons to your favourite smoothie

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