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Our Santé Sauvage brand is completely transparent, unlike many other labels. This means, like all our other supplements, this new Santé Sauvage vitamin C contains only the ingredients listed. See below to learn why this is important to be aware of. 

Our SUPER C vitamin C with 240 vegan capsules contains only the purest, 3rd-party tested ingredients:

- Stomach-friendly, non-acidic vitamin C in two mineral-buffered forms

- Enriched with rose hip, acerola, and rutin

- Third-party tested 

- Superior quality compared to other vitamin C supplements


 Introductory price: €39.95 / Price in GBP £32.25


That's 47 % cheaper than the leading brand, while offering superior quality  (compared as on 9th June 2024 on


At Santé Sauvage, our obsession with keeping only the best, the purest, is rooted in our commitment to your health, transparency, and our pursuit of superior quality. 

We extend this obsession to exceptional service and always doing what is right, even when it's difficult. We refuse to follow the crowd or take shortcuts. With our Santé Sauvage label, you can trust that our products are completely clean and pure with no hidden ingredients. 


We appreciate your support.


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*Did you know that many other vitamin C supplements contain maltodextrin and citric acid without listing them on the label or in the ingredients? Maltodextrin is frequently used as a carrier for plant extracts. In many trademarked formulas, these hidden ingredients are very common, as they are considered as neutral. We know that they are problematic. That's why they are not in our formulas.

Maltodextrin is a type of carbohydrate and it is mostly derived from the starch of wheat, corn or rice. It is frequently used in fruit or superfood powders as an anticaking agent and, 9 times out of 10, in plant extracts. It doesn't have to appear on a label as it is considered neutral. Just like citric acid, maltodextrin is omnipresent in food supplements, so it doesn't mean that it isn't in a formulation just because it's not listed.

We are proud to confirm and guarantee that these two troublemakers and others are and will always remain absent from our Santé Sauvage formulations. 

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