Heavy metal detox smoothie


Dear customers residing in the UK and our English-speaking customers in Europe

Here's how you save 1000s £/€ a year on our store:

Heavy Metal Detox example savings for the 4 following products:


* Spirulina* 250g

* Barley grass juice powder* 250g

*Canadian Wild Blueberry powder^ 500g

* Dulse” 100g

Example with delivery to the UK :

Santé Sauvage price including shipping £138,29 (no customs fees)

Save £110,65*!

Assuming monthly purchases of the four ingredients you will save £1,327.80 per year via Santé Sauvage.

Combined with all the other incredible quality supplements like Zinc, B12, Vitamin C, etc also available on sante-sauvage.com you will literally save €/£1000s per year!

For example:

B12 you save 34%

Zinc you save 23%

Vit C you save 37% 

* same product source and factory process as leading brand.

^ same variety as leading brand sourced from Eastern Canada.

“ Atlantic dulse flakes sourced from Ireland (organic certified)

All prices correct as at 2nd June 2024 on Amazon.co.uk and santé-sauvage.com adjusted for grammage differences.

Total Price stated includes delivery.

Santé Sauvage also offers loyalty points!

Santé-Sauvage is continually reinvesting to bring more and more of the best quality products to Europe at amazing prices. We humbly ask you to continue/start supporting us.