Fruit Fear to Fruit Love


In the following article, Aoife Fia shares with us some of her healing experience using Medical Medium information and about the healing power of fruit. Aoife is an artist and writer based on the West Coast of Ireland. 

From Fruit Fear to Fruit Love

"Throughout the centuries, fruit has been known to be one of the most healing foods available to us on this planet. In the past couple of decades, however, you may have noticed a shift in our perception of bananas, apples, melons, and mangoes. Many people have begun to fear fruit so much so that they avoid it altogether. This incredible deviation from our historical worship of fruit is due to the lies that originate from the very top of our health industries in both conventional and alternative health."

~ Anthony William, Medical Medium

The Sweet Shop

When I was a child, we ate sweets, all kinds of sweets. The world of sweets was vast and colourful: there were hard ones, soft ones, chewy, sour, and tangy ones. Some were powdered, some rubbery, and some like plastic or paper. All the children in the neighbourhood gathered at the sweet shop before play.

Apart from holidays in the countryside when we picked berries, we ate fruit a few times a month, but we ate sweets every single day. TV advertising linked us up to the sweets sold in every shop, and so fruit was squeezed out of the picture.

In her forties, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes and told to cut out all sugar, including fruit. I was told that I too would probably develop the disease and so should be careful with sweet foods.

This meant that all through my twenties and thirties I was careful with fruit, i.e., rarely ate it at all. I learned to satisfy a longing for sweetness with random bars of dark organic, fairtrade chocolate bought in health food shops, because I considered myself a very health-conscious person.

I knew that eating like this was not good, but the yearning for sweetness was so strong, it felt like I had no choice. I was afraid of fruit, yet somehow trusted that if chocolate was so incredibly popular it must be safe.

Running on Empty

How did I go from such strong fruit fear, to, years later, my weekly shopping of seven bunches of bananas, eighteen apples, eight oranges, 2kg of wild blueberries, two melons, two mangoes, and twenty-one lemons?

In my early forties, all the chronic health conditions I'd been enduring for years peaked and I was failing rapidly. I knew I was on the way out. Yet I found myself standing in my kitchen eating yet another organic dark chocolate rice cake, each bite of which caused such excruciating facial pain I had to stamp my foot on the ground just to bear it. Why was I doing this to myself?

I sat with this question for days, before surrendering to the fact that I was not a health-conscious person. I had no clue how to heal myself. I didn't know what I was doing. All my best efforts had led me to death's door, and the alternative health solutions available only made symptoms worse.

I'd been listening to Anthony William, Medical Medium, for years, but somehow thought his information was for other people, not me. I was in what he calls the 'not so sick' camp, where there is still enough health left to play around with trends and guessing games. Now I had nothing left and nowhere else to turn.

So, I started with his recommended celery juice every morning on an empty stomach and the pain reduced dramatically. This felt miraculous and gave me hope, so I started introducing fruit and reducing the foods he says are troublesome.

Six months later, my weekly shopping had become a bounty of fruit adorning the kitchen table. Two and a half years later my health is the best it has ever been. Although I still have a way to go, I am living a life I never thought possible.

Fruit = Health

The main shift in thinking that occurred in me these past years is that natural/alternative health isn't the answer to what ails us. It isn't about alternative vs conventional. It's about answers and observing the obvious over mirages.

"...fruit is in fact the most important food group to consume in order to protect you and your loved ones from chronic illness and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering... fruit not only prevents illness, it slows down aging, kills off pathogens, and heals our bodies on a cellular level. […] When we are told to fear fruit, we are essentially being told to avoid the very thing that will bring us the most life."

We all know deep down that fruit is good. Even when I was avoiding it, I knew that fruit was a gift. Strawberries are delicious; a sweet melon can change your life; succulent peaches, perfectly ripe bananas... Whatever the reason for avoiding fruit, something inside us all longs for fruit as our ancestors did and our animal brothers and sisters do to this day. It's instinctual: see a berry, pick it, eat it, lick your lips.

But what if 'studies say' and 'double blind data reveals' that we shouldn't eat fruit? What do we do then? What if the pesticides fruit is sprayed with are poisonous? What if the fruit is GMO?

First, there is no study anywhere that can tell me anything, now that I have restored my health by eating tonnes of fruit. If the 'science-says-so' mirage has you in its grips still, then you are 'not so sick', and still able to get away with living in a dream world. Bought science can sell anything. It's up to you to have discernment.

It is true that most conventional and organic produce is sprayed, and all sprays are harmful to health because they are biocides: i.e., designed to kill life. Conventional pesticides are obviously way worse, but organic are harmful too. It was very difficult for me to start buying conventional produce, but organic was not an option for much of what I needed.

I follow Medical Medium advice and wash everything well. There are certain fruits I only eat organic, but that is personal to how certain pesticides affect your body. Thankfully, in Europe, GMOs are not as much of an issue as they are elsewhere, but yes, they are to be avoided where possible.

Fruit is Alive

One of the most beautiful aspects of this journey of healing has been the restoration of trust between my body and mind. When I was eating that chocolate rice cake there was no harmony between the two. This blockage was years of training in action. I was trained to regard the dead substances that pass as food in the modern world: i.e., sweets and other processed foods, as acceptable, and to avoid making a connection between their toxicity and my suffering.

I remember the effect of those sweets, and beyond the initial hit of sweetness, it was not pleasant. There was numbness, sharp shooting pains, aching in my mouth, and later, digestive discomfort. As I kept eating them, my mind was learning that it didn't matter what my body thought. If the adults around me, TV and peers all said something was good, then my body just had to grin and bear it.

The machinery that created such a toxic situation for a little growing body wasn't pushing orchards and hedgerows. There is no Big Fruit or Big Celery. In his books, Medical Medium speaks directly to the industries for whom new generations of sick people mean great fortunes.

Instead of respecting and working with nature as so many have done through the ages, Big Chemical took fruits like the miraculous and humble strawberry, mimicked their colour, taste and smell, created synthetic versions of them that trick eyes, nose and tongue enough to enter our bodies and then wreak havoc on our immune systems.

Fruit contains "living water" and aeons of wisdom way beyond our understanding.

"...fruit is our best friend because it stops viruses and kills bacteria... fruit stops and prevents oxidation, which is the process that ages us. Additionally, fruit prevents toxic heavy metals, which almost all of us have some of in our brains, from oxidizing. When toxic heavy metals oxidize, it creates a poisonous chemical pool that contaminates brain cells and lowers electrical impulse activity... Fruit, wild blueberries especially, help prevent this oxidation and stop the brain from rotting in response to these poisons. Fruit helps not only neurological conditions, but every single one of the thousands of symptoms and illnesses people are suffering with."

Fruit is life.

Longing for Sugar Love

After six months, when I had finally removed all the harmful foods and was ready to accelerate my healing with Medical Medium information, I decided to do one of his 3:6:9 cleanses. It was way more food than I have ever eaten and such regular meals, I found it incredibly challenging.

Not only did I have a very unhealthy relationship with processed sugar all those years, I had also controlled my digestive system symptoms with intermittent fasting. I was used to feeling wired from the adrenaline this kind of habit induces, and my body was finally getting a chance to calm down and heal.

Medical Medium writes at length about how such health trends give quick fixes with devastating long-term consequences. I am a case in point. On the 3:6:9, I came face to face with who I was without toxic adrenaline running through my body.

It was an emotional rollercoaster, but I kept going. On Day 9 of the 3:6:9, the programme is to consume the usual lemon water followed by celery juice, some cucumber and apple juice, then a full day of whatever selected blended or juiced fruits you want, whenever you want them.

I blended a new type of melon I'd never had before, having probably eaten about ten melons in my whole life. I stood in my kitchen; in the same spot I'd had that last chocolate rice cake. I lifted the bowl to my mouth to drink, took the first mouthful and as the sweetness entered my body it was the most extreme bliss I have ever experienced. As I drank and drank, my whole body buzzed with happiness, from head to foot. It was as if every cell was smiling, my whole body clear light.

I started to cry a little from happiness, then got back to drinking, smiling, and accepting this gift from heaven.

'Sugar, while it may sound like an enemy to avoid because of our conditioning, actually runs every single cell in our body, especially our brain. It’s just a matter of having the right kind of sugar that’s found in fresh fruits and high-carbohydrate vegetables...'

When you have suffered enough, and learned how to come out of it, you never look back. When my body calls out for sugar, I eat fruit. I do this because my body and mind are now in harmony. I nourish myself and cleanse every day and so my mind is at peace.

"...there is more fruit available to more people than ever before... Many areas have access to an abundance of fruit all year long, something that was not available a century ago... Take advantage of the access we now have to fruit in abundance."

Written by Aoife Fia

Aoife is an artist and writer from Ireland -

All quotes by Anthony Wllliam, Medical Medium (Cleanse to Heal)