Babies and pets get headaches too






Protect your babies and pets


by ditching : 



Commercial laundry detergents

Fabric softeners

Scented candles

Reed diffuser sticks

Commercial fragrance


Chlorine bleach




Today’s post begins with an experience a friend in Ireland recently shared and ends with a request to all readers



Going through all the Brain Betrayers in Brain Saver made me think of the terrible reaction I had a few months ago from a public washing machine that uses unscented, Ecolabel detergent. I haven't used regular detergent for about 20yrs, so hoped the eco labelling wasn't just greenwashing. But one night sleeping on sheets washed in it my breathing difficulty and brain fog were so bad I was floored for two days, crying from confusion and fear of hospitalisation, and it took two weeks to fully recover. I thought of all the babies and kids breathing that stuff in and being labelled as asthmatic or learning difficulties, and so contacted the company, which is Europe-wide, and told them what happened. They said they'd investigate and gave me a refund. It is obviously a powerful anti-microbial. The smell is odd, kind of neutral at first - it isn't trying to be floral or cover anything up - but when my body began reacting I could smell it clearly: it is 'flat', and smells like death, because I suppose that's just what it's doing: killing everything in sight it can. I was never so happy to get my hands on my usual gentle cleaner.
















Your immune system under attack and allergies





Chemical molecules contained in fragrance and scented, or odourless chemicals used in cosmetics, household cleaners and industrial products are identified and treated by our lymphocytes as invaders. Our warrior white blood cells literally sacrifice themselves to protect us from this daily influx of toxins that we voluntarily purchase and use on our bodies and in our homes. Lymphocytes neutralise these poisons by producing enzymes, surrounding and engulfing them to protect our heart, liver, brain and pancreas, and then many explode, die, are eliminated and broken down.



Our immune system fights tirelessly for us, day in day out. But the immune system weakens when we lose our lymphocyte count, making us vulnerable to infections and other diseases. In addition, these environmental toxins serve as food for viral pathogens, including Epstein Barr, a herpesvirus that has now infected +95% of the population, has more than 70 variants, and has been the hidden pandemic behind the exponential rise in  chronic illnesses since the early 20th century. Classified science knows this. Public science does not. It is thanks to Anthony William, Medical Medium, that we are alerted to this viral explosion behind most “autoimmune”, chronic and inflammatory diseases.  




Many people develop allergies and link these allergies to foods. However, considering that basophils (another type of white blood cell) release histamine in the presence of chemical invaders, one might wonder if it is really the food that is the cause. Or is it a pesticide on the food or a chemical in the air that was ingested along with the banana that caused this reaction (I am not talking about true allergies that result in anaphylactic shock which is a serious medical emergency).





We are all sensitive to poison




How long will people continue to get sick with so-called "autoimmune diseases", chronic illnesses and debilitating symptoms before we put two and two together? We don't see those people who suffer alone, unable to get out of bed, or go to a friend’s party, who miss a family wedding because travel is out of the question because of their symptoms of discomfort, dizziness, nausea, pain, chronic fatigue, weakness, or migraines.




There are those we do see who suffer in silence while, on the outside, they seem fine. There are many who have seen twenty or more doctors and specialists, spent thousands trying to get an answer and a remedy for their symptoms. You are, I am, we are all sensitive to the toxic substances contained in many perfumes. Many domestic cleaning products are toxic, for everyone. Some people are more sensitive - the canaries in the mine - the barometers of our time, and the first to suffer. If you are reading this message and you are one of those people, know that you are not alone. Far from it. Down the line, more and more people will develop symptoms, at an increasingly younger age. Our immune systems can’t keep up with the pace at which we are being poisoned by new, increasingly dangerous formulations. Again, the classified chemical industry knows.




My request to you this season



Think twice before offering chemical perfumes, scented candles or diffuser sticks for Christmas or birthdays, as these are literally poisonous gifts. Anything chemically smelly in your cleaning products can and should be ditched. Fabric softeners are bad. They work by depositing a layer of electrically charged chemical compounds on fabric. Many contain phthalates, which disperse scent, and synthetic musks such as galaxolide, which accumulate in the body, and many more. For cleaning surfaces, the loo, use white vinegar, bicarbonate of sod


Good to use instead are:


Non toxic, safe cleaners 


Clean, safe fragrance


Bicarbonate of soda

White vinegar

Lemon juice

Essential oils

Hydrogen Peroxide

Elbow grease

Essential oils (sparingly and respectfully for babies and pets!)

Rose petals

Homemade pomanders

Orange and lemon peels on radiators


Write to us if yo have more ideas for safe cleaning products and fragrance…








Eat organic food but spray toxic colognes and fragrances on your skin? 


I am amazed at the number of people who shop in organic food stores and who have cheerfully sprayed themselves with chemical fragrance containing substances as harmful as pesticides, just before buying organic vegetables and fruits! Does this make sense to you? Greenpeace has conducted a survey of 36 Eaux de toilette and perfumes. You might be quite surprised by the list. Consult here




Babies don't like fragrance. They need and prefer the natural smell of their mother, but how can they tell her?


Babies receive vital smell communication from Mummy that makes them feel safe. Chemical fragrances mask this smell creating discomfort, anxiety and pain in babies. Babies cry when they have headaches, sinus pain, stomach pain and the urge to vomit because Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, or Auntie unwittingly sprayed themselves with chemical poisons that morning. Babies who have their noses pressed up against crib sheets soaked in toxic scents can't tell you that they are suffering from the overwhelming smell they can't escape. They cry. We don't understand why they are crying when the baby has been nursed, cuddled, bathed, and changed. Could it be that the baby is suffering from pain and inflammation in their delicate little sinuses, or that their head hurts, or that they feel sick from the suffocatingly strong laundry detergent or plug-in deodorant that reaches the back of the throat, triggers a headache or worse?  Fabric softeners can contain particularly dangerous substances.




Protect your pets 


Pets are particularly sensitive and suffer too, but they can't tell us. There are signs that they are suffering: diarrhoea, skin sores or hair loss due to industrial chemicals.

Studies showed that pets have significantly higher levels of these substances in their blood than humans. s




Dying in the name of beauty


Animals still used to test cosmetics, fragrance and household cleaners products? Yes. There have been bans issued on animal testing in the EU, the same bans lifted.Cruelty free cosmetics and household cleaners is not yet secured in Europe. In China where many raw materials for fragrance are sourced, cruel tests are carried out on hundreds of thousands of animals every year. Animal testing is unnecessary as there ar other safety test strategies available. Wde can choose to stand up for animal welfare with our choices. 




 "DIY" laundry products


Why not make your own natural detergent? It's much cheaper and so easy to make. You can make it in a large 5-litre bucket that will last you at least 6 months and you'll know what's in it is safe.



Ditch them


Now that you know how toxic they are, it's time to get rid of all the scented candles, diffuser sticks and plugins from your homes.



Air fresheners

Scented candles


Diffuser sticks

Fabric softener

Commercial laundry detergents

Toxic commercial cleaners, sprays, abrasives

Chlorine bleach




Scented candles, diffuser sticks, and plugins often made in China to "freshen the air" are highly toxic to you, your children and your pets. Their fumes coat the membranes of the sinuses and bronchi. 




Chemical perfumes on the menu


You go to a restaurant. Out of 30 guests, maybe 20 people have scented themselves. The air is a chemical soup that you literally eat with your meal. Consider that perfumes, colognes and strong chemical aftershaves have become an aggression, an incivility, a discourteous act in a restaurant. And it is the person wearing them who will be the first to suffer the consequences in the long run. Having to be in a small space with 20 different scents in the air can be very disturbing for many people who suffer in silence and stay in bed the next day with a headache, tingling and numbness, fatigue or dizziness.




Nature's abundant treasure


Use nature's endless supply of earthy, spicy, sweet or floral scents. Nature provides the most divine aromas. A drop or two of essential oil on your wrist of rose, sandalwood, tangerine, vanilla, previously diluted in a base of jojoba and coconut oil smells delicious and is a delightful alternative to toxic chemical scents. Even when using essential oils, it is best to be subtle around children and pets.




Natural pomanders, the smell of Christmas spices, what will you choose?


At Christmas time, orange pomanders are not only beautiful; they also permeate the entire home and are an evocative air purifier and a healthy way to enjoy Christmas cheer.











Enjoy the spicy smells of Christmas, hot apple juice and mulled wine with noble spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, orange and lemon zest.  


There's nothing like a bowl of juicy tangerines and the scent of nutmeg and cloves from baking pies and cakes (gluten-free of course!) to warm up your winter mood.



The more you remove chemical smells from your house, the healthier and more joyful Christmas and New Year will be for you, your family, your friends and your furry friends.

 author: Geni Lawrence